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The Revolutionized Tiling System

TILE-1 offers a unique revolutionized solution to the standard tiling system we know today. System created by Santiago Sanchez.

A Revolutionized Tiling System

Our tiling system makes the standard way of tiling a thing of the past.


Our custom 4' x 8' panels can be created to simulate any desired color or pattern.

Non-Porous Product

Our simulated grout lined product is non-porous for non-bacterial penetration.

Fire Resistant and Non-Breakable

Our product is certified and flame resistant. It is also non-breakable.

Why Choose TILE-1?

TILE-1 produces 4' x 8' custom panels of patterns or imagery.

We can simulate granite, marble, wood grain or a photographic image on 4' x 8' sheets.

Our panels are non-porous and non-breakable.

Our product is flame-resistant.

Panels can be cut to size for custom installation.

Our panels can feature your company logo for flooring or wall covering.

You may choose your color combinations, or leave it to us.

Our panels feature a variety of finishes including flat, semi-gloss, eggshell or a high gloss finish.

Our coating is fire-resistant and non-porous. It is also available for purchase. View "Our Product" section for details.

We are proud to say our product is produced in the USA.

We are located in the Heart of the Midwest: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Take a moment to view samples of our work displayed below.

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Lab Tested and Certified for Chemical and Stain Resistance. Our product is also Flame Resistant.

  • Certificate-Tile Panels
  • Certificate-Flame

Our Product

Our Coating is available for purchase. Container sizes are available in gallons or quarts. Contact us for information and pricing.

  • Safety Data Sheet

Contact us

Please feel free to call or e-mail for inquiries, or request an appointment.
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